A Wish for Teachers

As you begin your journey this year, I wish you that first-day joy, idealism, and enthusiasm everyday. And after that first week, I wish you peace and stillness of mind when everything around you is turbulent. And as you make your way to spring break, I wish you an unyielding perseverance and positivity that flourishes despite your environment,  colleagues, or administrative  choices. 

Of course, I wish you success with your students.  But more than anything, I hope you learn, so that your students can see that learning never, ever, stops.

Thank you for what you've done, what you do, and what you will do, everyday, for the children we place under your care and understanding.

Image from  http://www.botanicalpaperworks.com/blog/read,article/190/seed-paper-even-grows-in-sidewalks

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