The Best Gift to Give Your Students

The best gift you can give to students is NOT your knowledge.  Knowledge is immediately available.

The best gift you can give is an explanation of how to ask questions in order to discern what knowledge is needed and how to evaluate the credibility of that information.

The best gift you can give is  an explanation of how to wield, use, and apply that knowledge for their personal betterment or the betterment of others.

The best gift you can give is the ability to create new things and share them, to communicate clearly and kindly with all whose paths you cross, and to embrace failure with interest and humility.

The best gift you can give your students is to be a learner.


Image retrieved April 15, 2015 from http://www.christmasmagazine.com/en/mc/wrap04.asp


  1. Mindy,
    I love this. Recently, I have been thinking that teachers should ask themselves what they want their students thinking about their course when they leave on the last day. Do they want them thinking "Ugh. So glad that is over." or "Gosh, I want to learn more about that."? Teaching as you describe is what it's all about.

  2. Thanks, Bob! I love your idea, too, about what we want students to think as they're leaving on the last day. It's a tangible way to express what backward design is all about, really. =D